Training is hard sometimes…

In the past , I’ve just used my blog to write updates about the U.S. Team’s progress at international races.  In the future, I should be updating this a little more frequently, with news about training and local races as well.

Right now, training is tough.  Last fall was great- I started a new job at the YMCA in Monroe.  It’s super flexible, and I was able to get in a couple of workouts every day– paddling in the morning, and weight lifting or running in the afternoon.  With some technique help from Jordan Malloch and Greg Dutton, I was going nearly as fast as my best time trials right before World Cups in 2007.

And then, I started school.  In January, I thought I’d take a course in microbiology.  Two nights a week isn’t bad, is it?  But those 10 hours have just killed me.  After five weeks, I’ve finally gotten a handle on it, and I’m able to do some decent workouts.  I’ve been in the gym a lot, doing quite a bit of lifting, and while my endurance isn’t great, my boat speed isn’t too bad.  I might actually come out of this pretty strong, and get back into my 2 a days in better shape than I thought.

Eight months ’til Tasmania…

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