Sometimes I get inspired.  Mike Baker and Rich Roehner, the fastest wildwater C-2 Team in the US, just set a PR of 5:22 for 1000 meters.  That’s only 9 seconds off my best, at 5:13.  That’s too close for comfort, since I seem to be overly competitive in everything I do.

This morning I set out to do a 1000m time trial of my own.  The last 9 weeks have been terrible for training.  I’ve only been in my boat a handful of times, and have done enough in the weight room that I’m probably stronger, but my paddling endurance is not so good.  At least on I felt like my technique was decent on the Sky this weekend. 

Snow was falling and there was a light south wind when I put on.  After a warm up of about 20 minutes, the wind died down, and I began the time trial.  I’m working with a stopwatch and shoreline markers since my GPS ended up at the bottom of the lake last year, so I’m not totally sure exactly how far I went.  But, I used the same markers when I had my GPS for 1000m trials, so it’s pretty close.  Half way through I had to slow slightly- my endurance was not what it should have been.  At about 4:40 I knew I would be close to my PR.  I crossed the line at 5:11.  Fastest 1000m time yet.  And I’m not in shape. 

Maybe I’ve been held back by my attitude more than anything else.  Maybe I need to get inspired a little more often.  And then, maybe, I can go sub 5:00 before team trials in June.

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