26 Miles

I am a little sore this morning.  Yesterday was the 26 mile FiBArk downriver race.  I suppose it’s a little easier than running a marathon because the current helps alot, but it’s still a long way to kneel.  I wasn’t too excited about the race Sunday morning- I felt a little stiff and tired.  But, as I set up my drinking system and taped Clif Shots to my deck for the race, I started to feel a little better.

The race has a mass start, which is always fun and can be a little wild.  Peter Lutter and I lined up on the right side of the river, and most other fast boats lined up left.  All of the kayaks on the left got pushed into an eddy just after the start, and Peter and I found ourselves #1 and #2.  Peter stopped, looked back, yelled “I’m winning,”  and kept going.  It wasn’t long ’til the eventual overall winner, Andy Cora, passed us.  Mike Freeburn went by not long after.  About that time, I realized that my drinking tube had come out, so I didn’t have any fluid for the entire race.  The three kayaks in front of me dropped me quickly, but I held off any more passes for around 15 minutes.  At the half way point, I was battling for 7th with Dave Hammond and Gary Lacy.  I picked up the pace just past the half way mark, and didn’t see either again.  A few miles later, I caught Aaron Pruzan, and battled with him ’til he made a mistake in the last big rapid on the course.  I finished 6th overall, 7 minutes behind Andy Cora.  Only 5 kayaks beat me.   It was a great race.

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One Comment on “26 Miles”

  1. IRish C1 Says:

    Just to let you know the irish C1’s wish you had crossed the pond for the Summer-At europeans and distinct lack of English speakers!! Water great in Eurp at the mo! Hope we catch up with you in TAZ-God Bless,
    The Irish C1’s

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