6 Weeks Left

The enormous US Wildwater Team (all three of us) will leave for Tasmania 6 weeks from Friday.  I feel like I have a pretty good base and am going well at the moment- we’ll see how well in a time trial on Thursday morning.  The next six weeks will be about adding speed and lactic tolerance, which means that many of my workouts will hurt.

Usually, I find that the last push before a big event is largely a mental game.  Can I figure out how to push myself to the powint of overreaching (where I can recover in days) without actually overtraining (where recovery might take months)?  Can I maintain my normal 40 hour work week and increase the intensity of my workouts enough?  How will the increase in focus affect my relationship with my wife?  How much faster can I get?

This year, there’s an added twist.  I start my Master’s in Education on September 29th.  Class is only two nights a week, but there’s likely to be a lot of work at home, and I’ll have to get ahead since I’ll be missing three weeks of class for the World Cup.  I’m hoping to be able to reduce my hours at work, but I might need the money.  In any case, training for the last 3 weeks will require a bit of mental toughness and a lot of discipline.

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