The Nooksack is LOW

The last race in the Pacific Northwest Downriver Cup happened this afternoon on the Nooksack River.  Driving up, I questioned if the course could even be run at 250 CFS, but it worked out.  We had to shorten the normal course because the only line in the last drop was blocked by a tree, but there were clean lines all the way down.  It was reminiscent of the Loisach- narrow slots, sharp turns, no room for error, and really fun when you got it right.

The low water allowed us to attain back up the course instead of walking, which made for faster practice runs.  I did 6 in the morning, with Jennie Goldberg and William Day, who started paddling wildwater C-1 last weekend.  He looks incredibly solid in the boat, and just needs a bit more time to be fast.  If we win the bid for nationals next year, he could do well.  I paddled decently, though I felt a bit tight and like I couldn’t really reach forward as far as I wanted.  I’d like to get on more whitewater before Tasmania, but with school and work, I don’t think I’ll be able to.

5 intrepid souls braved the narrow, technical rapids in the race.  Here’s how it all played out:

Class         Name                               Run 1        Run 2               Total

C-1             Tom Wier                        109            109                  218

K-1 W       Jennie Goldberg           127            129                  256

K-1W        Boo Turner                     136             126                  262

K-1M        Steve ?                              152              146                  296

K-1M/C1 William Day                   154 (C-1)   153 (K-1)      307

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