And the circus continues…

I should get a job as a psychic.  In January, after replacing the alternator in my car, I predicted that my beloved Blue Ox would break down again, two weeks before Tasmania, and strand me without a way to transport my boat.

Guess what happened this week?

I replaced a couple of slipping belts, which solved a power steering problem.  But, it was a struggle to get belts the right size, so I went through a couple of sets before it worked.  Volvo down time: 48 hours.  New belts it should have helped the alternator charge better too, but instead, the alternator went out on my way to work this morning.  Luckily, I had just enough battery left to get me into a parking stall at the YMCA just before all the electronics shut off.

Wendy picked up a new alternator for me (it was still covered by NAPA’s warranty), and droped it off at the YMCA with my tools.  And I swapped it out, in YMCA parking lot.  The car is running like a champ-for now.

At least I’m down at racing weight, and feel strong in the boat.  Now I just have to taper well, and I should be okay for the races in two weeks.

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