Swine Flu

I apparently have swine flu.  It’s definately flu of some kind.  The dry cough I had on Friday morning transformed into chills/aching/fever/nausea by Friday evening.  Saturday, Wendy took me up to the local walk in clinic, where I got a prescription for Tamiflu in the hope that I can shorten the length and severity of it.  They didn’t want to give me the Tamiflu, since supplies are limited, we don’t want drug resistant flu varieties to pop up, and I am likely to come through without dying.  But they relented when I told them my sob story about leaving for the world cup in five days.  Now, it’s Sunday and I’m feeling better, but not good enough to leave the house.  Wendy seems to be coming down with it too.  I think I’ll be okay by Thursday, but I’d hate to leave her here while she was still sick.

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One Comment on “Swine Flu”

  1. Mike Baker Says:

    Oh no Tom!

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