Melbourne! or Almost There…

27 hours after leaving home, Jennie and I walked into our hotel in downtown Melbourne.  The flights were not as bad astheycould have been, especiallysince I managed to sleep for much of the trip.  The noise canceling headphones Brian lent to me were great, and I used melatonin as a sleep aid for the first time, because I knew I had to sleep or my rapid recovery from the flu could reverse.

Out of the 14+ hours on the flight to Sydney, I probably slept for 8-9 of them, and awoke at 6:00 a.m. Australian time without a problem.  Jennie slept for maybe 2 total, but she got to finish knitting USA on our team hats, read a lot and watched three movies.  And in typical energizer bunny fashion, she headed off to go swim at the local pool within an hour of checking in at our hotel.

I went for a walk in Fitzroy Park.  It was a lovely spring day, and people were setting up for at least 4 weddings in the park.  The River God Fountain was the first stop, and then I wandered past the Farie Tree and across the park towards Cook house.  I returned via the State Government Offices, and now I’m here about to start on school work.  I’ll try and post a few pictures from the walk soon.

Tomorrow, it’s on to Hobart and the world of wildwater.  One thing that’s helpful- we believe our boats have arrived.  In a peice of amazing luck, we happened to get onto the same bus at the Melbourne Airport as Stephanie Vallee, the Canadian Team.  She is spending the afternoon in Melbourne, then flying to Hobart tonight, and she told us that she got a message that the boats had arrived.

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3 Comments on “Melbourne! or Almost There…”

  1. Seth EIsner Says:

    Well guys, good to hear y’all got down there okay. Jake and I will be watching from up here. Enjoying the updates.

  2. Mike Baker Says:

    That’s great new Tom!!!

  3. Laurie Geissinger Says:

    Way to go Jennie. Real boaters knit? I’ll be sure to tell Alice re: completion of the hats, in case you’ve not already told her. Be well and go team USA!

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