Our flight from Melbourne to Hobart was uneventful.  It’s not a long hop to Tasmania, and we didn’t even have time to get stiff in the airplane seats.  The Hobart Airport reminds me of Walla Walla- no jetway, one baggage carousel, and no way to miss people who are waiting for you.  Chris Norbury was there to meet us, and had already gotten the rental car (a Nissan X-Trail).  Chris has a bad cold, but otherwise is okay.

My paddles were accidentally left behind in Melbourne, but were delivered to Carol Hurst’s house a few hours later.  Carol Hurst has been a great help to us- she picked up our boats from the container, brought them to her house and hung them in her shed.  Then, she offered to have us stay our first night in Hobart with her, and bought us food for dinner while we worked on our boats and took a drive up Mt. Wellington for the view.  Dan Hall came by for a few minutes, and Susie Wharton is staying with Carol, so we got to meet a few more members of the Australian Team.

This morning, we’ll finish up the boat work and head north to the Mersey River.  We may paddle the Forth River, or perhaps some flatwater, as there’s no water in the Mersey ’til tomorrow.

Congratulations to Mike Baker from the team-we hear he and Franny have a lovely daughter as of a say or two ago.

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