The Mersey

It was a 4 hour drive from Hobart to our cabin at Silver Ridge Retreat, with an additional stop thrown in to paddle the Derwent River.  Now, we’ve been paddling the Mersey for 3 days, and we’re just starting to really learn the river.  We’ve done a lot of runs on the classic and sprint courses, and now it’s time to back off and rest a bit before the races Saturday and Sunday.  There’s nothing more to be gained by doing a lot of runs, and hopefully we’ll be able to relax over the next 48 hours.

The opening ceremonies are in a couple of hours in Deloraine, on the bank of the Mersey River.  We’ve seen almost all of the nations now- The Austrians, Slovenians, Irish and British were here before us, and the New Zealand team arrived yesterday.  Now the Spanish, Germans, and French are all here.  There are a couple of unexpected entrants in the C-1 class- the list of entries before the races didn’t have the French C-1s Yann Claudpierre or Marc Brodiez, but they are here.  That means the competition will be a little tougher.

Traveling with Chris and Jennie has been great.  Chris hasn’t been able to paddle as much as he’d like because he’s still sick (we saw a doctor and he got more drugs today), but it’s been really helpful to have him on the bank for video and watching lines.  We’ve managed to eat well, and Jennie even made chocolate chip cookies in our kitchen yesterday. 

Tasmania is beautiful- much of the island is rural, and there are brilliant green fields everywhere up against the slightly dusty look of the gum trees.  Sheep and cows are common, and we’ve seen some of the more unusual native animals like the echidna and platypus already.  Our lodging is right at the base of Mount Rowland, which lights up every night at sunset. 

Tonight the World Cup will really feel like it’s starting.  I’ll post about the first races as soon as I can.

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One Comment on “The Mersey”

  1. Katie Jean Says:

    It was quiet in the office without you around today. I hope your competition goes well…everyone at the Y is excited for you.

    Katie Jean

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