Today was much better. Pancakes for breakfast. An unplanned and fast drive to Sheffield for gas, then out to the course for our practice runs. A fairly smooth warm up, where I figured out a few final lines. Ninety minutes of waiting before warming up again. And then the start.

I was the first C-1 off. My race run was decent. I made a few mistakes, but overall was on line and moving pretty well. I finished in 6th place, 5.46% out of first. That’s the best percentage I’ve had in any world cup race. My next best was a classic at Lofer in 2007, where I was 5.69% out, if my memory serves me well.

Jennie and Chris both went faster today than yesterday. Chris is feeling better by the day, and went 19.61% back. Jennie isn’t feeling great, but classics are usually her strength, and she finished 15.58% back. Overall, the mood is much lighter this afternoon.

A couple of personal messages:
Jennie misses her hubby, but was glad to wear number 1 today.

Chris misses Middy and Andrew. A lot. Maybe too much.

And, of course, I wish Wendy were here with us.

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One Comment on “5.46%”

  1. Peter Says:

    Peter misses Jennie.

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