“Tomorrow We Will See Who Has The Best Painkillers”

Gerhard Schmid was right.  The third world cup was painful, especially for the kayaks.  It was a shallow course, and the C-1s didn’t seem to be quite as tired when they crossed the line, but it still hurt. 

Jennie finished in 9:40, about 7.1% behind me (which means that she was a little slower than on Sunday).  Her goal was to hit 9:30, and she nearly did it.  You had to pi9ck up your stroke rate over much of the course to be fast, and that’s not really Jennie’s strong suit.  She should do better on the next two courses- Brady’s (grade III-IV and steep) and the Ouse (grade III but long).

Chris was pretty happy with his time of 8:45.  He is feeling stronger, and starting to paddle closer to his (current) potential.  He beat me by almost 20 seconds, and was only 8 seconds off the kayak in front of him.

I seem to be able to predict my times well- almost.  On Sunday, I thought I’d be happy with a time under 15:30.  I finished at 15:31.  Today, I wanted to go under 9:00.  I finished in 9:02.  Perhaps by the end of the races, I’ll get those extra couple of seconds.  I was in 6th, at 5.88% (my 3rd best percentage), and only 8 seconds behind Julian Rohn.  It might be possible to move up a place if I race well. 

Tomorrow we drive over dirt logging roads to Brady’s slalom course for WC #4.  We’ve heard all kinds of things about the course- from steep to shallow to no boat damage at all.  It’ll be interesting to take a look.  We have a five day stretch ahead of us that’ll take us through world cup #5, and then we’ll have out first day off (after 15 days of paddling).

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One Comment on ““Tomorrow We Will See Who Has The Best Painkillers””

  1. Carol Torrents Says:

    I am so enjoying your diary. I look forward to hearing the good news that you have moved up a place. So proud of my nephew. Good luck and good racing. Hope your Mother, Dad and Sister are there cheering you on.

    Aunt Carol

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