Brady’s and the Ouse

The race at Brady’s had some potential for swims and boat damage, but not many people had really bad race runs.  I was 6th again- I seem to have a lock on that place.  My first run was decent, but on my second I made a small timing error, and landed in an eddy.  It cost me maybe 2-3 seconds at least.  Jennie had one solid run on line, and another right through the middle of every hole on the river, which was a bit slower.

Then, the day began to get long.  All the competitors drove to the Ouse River, about 1 hour away.  We had to go to a safety meeting so we see the canal that the river is diverted into at the end of the race course.  Hydro Tasmania was worried that someone would paddle into the canal and die.  But the canal wasn’t the problem…

“The course is technical grad III…”  was what we were told about the river.  It turns out to be a 7 kilometer run, with the first 3 km are class II, then it picked up a bit for the next 2.5 km.  The last 1.5 km was hard.  You can’t see the bottom of the rapids from the top, and the drops were steep and shallow.  Boat damage is a real possibility on the Ouse.  The last rapid is the steepest, and then there’s about 100 meters to paddle to the finish line.  That afternoon, it went by in a blur.  Jennie said it was the hardest water she’s run in a wildwater boat.  I think it’s no harder than the Middle Fork of the Snolqualmie at high water, but on the Middle Fork I know where to go.

Because of limited practice time, we only had 3 runs on the course before the race.  I thought it was enough.  It almost was.  I started off chasing Tadhg McIntyre from Ireland, and caught him by about 45 seconds in the easy part.  We then stayed about the same across the rough.  In the middle of the last rapid, right above an 8 foot slide, Julian Rohn of Germany caught me.  After bumping nose and tail, I ended up in an eddy and lost maybe 15 seconds.  I ended the race in 6th place (suprise!), 8.48% back of the winner.  My forearms were shot.  I was tired.

And, after 15 days on the water in the row, I’m really looking forward to a day off.

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One Comment on “Brady’s and the Ouse”

  1. Carol Torrents Says:

    Tom and entire Wier Family,
    Read the details of your 6th place finish. We were pulling for 5th place but apparently our energy didn’t make it across the pond. Our arms are aching in Iowa also but it is from raking leaves not paddling. Hope you are enjoying each other. The best to you all.

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