Post World Cup Let Down, or When Do I Train Again?

For months I train.  I do my best to peak for major competitions.  And then, I go race.  In the middle of the World Cup, I can never let myself lose motivation or interest.  I have to be able to relax between races and workouts, but I’m always mentally pushing myself to be better in the next race.

And then, the World Cup is over.  I don’t really want to train.  Occasionally, I have flashes of desire, but they fade quickly.  I don’t even feel guilt for not working out.  But, after about a week, I get the itch again, and I’m faced with a question:  How much time off is right?  I’ve tried everything from two months to one week, and I’ve started to think that less is better.  Especially this year, when the World Championships are only seven months after the World Cup, I think my break needs to be short.  Maybe around Thanksgiving, I’ll start again.  That’s two weeks off.

I plan on spending some time working on muscle balance, strength, flexibility, and technique, and really going hard again in the new year.  Any thoughts on taking almost two months before hard training?

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2 Comments on “Post World Cup Let Down, or When Do I Train Again?”

  1. Ben Maynard Says:

    Nah, I reckon a few weeks off at the most and then get slowly into it again. I’d go crazy otherwise. Reckon a short time off Ok if you ease back into it and don’t injure yourself.

  2. Rich Says:

    The creek is running…..

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