December Time Trials

Every year, I do one time trial in December.  And every year, it’s slow.  I have a friend who says the water is dense because it’s cold and this slows down the boat significantly…but then, I’ve set a fet PRs on lakes half iced over.

Today, I did my December time trial, and the first in preparation for Sort.  Before Tasmania, I was doing time trials at 250 meters and 3250 meters (because of the exact length of a buoyed course nearby).  Now, I figure I’ve go to go further out because the classic at Sort will be long.  4,000 meters today.  23:13, an average of 10.34 kph.  My heart rate only hit 161, which is pretty low for a time trial.  So- cold, dense water or no, I’ve got a ways to go to get ready.

My splits are posted on the training log, which I’ll update from last week soon.

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