Day Camp For Thomas, or Team Trials Report #1

My first rental car went off -roading just before I got it.  National rental car cleaned it up very nicely, but it still vibrated like it was going to jump off the road when I got it up to 40 miles per hour or more.  I took it back after picking up Jennie’s boat, hoping they wouldn’t say anything when I cruised into the airport with luggage strapped to the roof.

They gave me a GMC Terrain in exchange for my jumpy Jeep Patriot, and it has more electric gadgets than any car I’ve ever seen.  I hope nothing breaks…at least it’s got a full roof rack, so we shouldn’t dent the top of the car.

I found the cabin we are staying in for the week without a problem (thanks to Mark Singleton of American Whitewater), and then found NOC and Chris Hipgrave this morning. 

This afternoon, I paddled the team trials sprint 5 times and the classic once in a Pyrahna Speeder.  88 seconds for the sprint, 15:26 for the classic.  If I can be 10% better in a C-1, which I think is reasonable, I should go under 80 seconds in the sprint and around 14 minutes in the classic.  Day camp has started well, and training should just get better from here.

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