Snow and Sun

We had a light day scheduled for Monday, since training camp tired us out.  As advertised, we did a run of the Tuckasegee gorge (in the snow) and the rapid that was discovered when the Dilsboro dam was removed.  Annoying ledges punctuate the flatwater lead in, but there are a handful of fun drops in the gorge itself.

This morning my love/hatred of dam release rivers was brought sharply into focus.  Dam release is great when you want a consistent water flow for training, and it’s very nice for scheduling your day.  But the dams also goof up the river ecosystems, and occasionally make paddling difficult.  The Nantahala releases are online, and posted at the NOC store, so we thought that there was water today at 9:00 am.

There was no water.  We waited.  At 10:00 the water turned on, and we left at 11:00 for a full run of the river from Paton’s run to NOC.  Just above Nanatahala Falls, we caught the water, and had to wait to run the falls.  Lunch was late.  My blood sugar plummeted.  I became unreasonably angry with the dam operators.  But then I got to eat…

One more hard day before we back off to be rested for the real races this weekend.

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