Norbury’s Back

This morning Jennie and I went to the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest to see the old growth trees.  We came back to NOC to do a run of the river, and the first person we run into is Chris Norbury.  He’s back to training after a winter burried in snow.  For those of you who don’t know, we traveled in Tasmania with Chris last fall.

I love Chris.  The first thing he said was: “So, your doing an 83 on this course?  That way slow.”  He’s that nice.  Then he described in detail how much he loved the Nantahala, and how he really missed the course in the ten years since he last raced here.  We ran the river with him, and then went to River’s End Restaurant at NOC.  Wildwater wouldn’t be the same without him.

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One Comment on “Norbury’s Back”

  1. Chris N Says:

    Thanks Dude – its really nice to see you guys, and doing so well here too. The 83 comment was just stemming from the fact I was expecting you to beat me – I guess there is always that damn classic thingie tomorrow though.

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