Team Trials Wrap Up

I am always nervous before trials.  I think I’ve mentioned that before.  This year was no exception.  Day one, the morning before the sprint, had me doing mental gymnastics trying to figure out all sorts of possible percent and time combinations that might happen if Tyler Hinton beat me.  Never mind that he was also doing slalom the same day, and racing a 40 pound borrowed Tip Top.  perhaps it’s a good thing, because it gets me excited enough to go hard, and it means that I care about the result.

In any case, my cumulative sprint time was 2:43 and change, 15 seconds ahead of Tyler.  The next day, in the classic, I was 13:38, about 64 seconds ahead of second place.  I didn’t feel great- my technique and power felt forced, and not smooth like in my best races.  I probably could have been a few seconds faster, but not much.  Maybe I could have broken 13:30 on a perfect day.  But overall, I felt pretty good about it.  I am moving the boat well, and if I can manage to train well over the next two months I could be going well in Spain.

Check out the results here:

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