Training this spring has been very up and down.  I’m missing the last two weeks of the school quarter, which means I have to finish all of my papers early, and my charactieristicly obsesive way, I can’t seem to do just enough work to pass- I have to try and do everything well.  School work and rest have occasionally trumped training, and my workouts have not been as consistent as they should be.  My splits and times have been okay, but not really getting much faster.  This is the time of year I would like to be setting PRs for many if not all distances that I regularly measure.

So, this morning, I was especially pleased to find that the lake was flat.  No wind.  And it was a beautiful spring morning.  I had planned a 60 minute steady state paddle, but I decided to push a little.  30 minutes in, I was averaging 10.31 kph.  At 45 minutes, it was 10.41.  At 50 minutes, I was averaging 10.46 kph.  Today, I finished with an average speed of 10.59 kph.  My fastest 60 minutes before was three years ago, at 10.45 kph.  Finally, a sign that my training efforts may pay off…

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