The last two World Championship classics have been easy, and both had a lot of flat.  The Noguera Parallesa will break that trend.  Big, deep class III runs all the way down the course.  The first eight minutes are continuous, and the river only really lets up after 15 minutes or so.  Even then, it´s not flat, and only the last two minutes are really easy.

This morning, after four days out of the boat, I put in at the top of the classic and followed Matt Dalziel and Dan Hall (both of Austrailia) down the course.  The first run went well- the water is big and fast, but not too technical, and the long rapids are fun.  However, I had a bit more excitment in the second run.  At the start, I was already feeling like things were slowing down for me, and that I could find a few flat spots to reaccelerate the boat.  Then, at the top of the longest rapid on the course, Cuatro Largo, my paddle snapped when it hit a rock, and I flipped.  The ensuing swim had the potential to be very long, but I managed to get intot he bottom of an eddy just in time.  A lovely track at the side of the river eased my walk out.  And now, I have to finish putting together one of my other paddles that I didn´t quite finish before I left.

The sprint course is tricky, as it gets pushy in the middle and waves slap your boat around.  It´s hard to avoid eddies along the left side.  We did five runs this afternoon, and I think I know the line, but have yet to do all of the pieces well in one run.

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