One week in Sort

One week in…It took me four days to feel like I could paddle well on this river, and now it’s getting really fun.  Jennie has arrived, and we’ve moved into the team housing.  We’ve got a lovely little cabin by the river.  The breaker trips if we try to cook while the water heater is on, so we unplug it each morning at breakfast and at dinner.

Sort is a great little town, with several little cafes by the river, but the best one seems to be up the hill.  We’ve begun to frequent it for coffee or ice cream, and would be fitting in well if we spoke Catalan…My Spanish is functional, and I’ve never had such an easy time getting around in Europe because I can communicate easily with everyone.  But, Catalonia is not Spain, as we have been told several times, and locals prefer the mix of Spanish and France that is Catalan. 

The river appears to be dropping after four days of slow rising, so the waves won’t be quite as surging soon.  The top section of the course should get a little easier, but it’ll still be continuous, and paddlers who have been hear for a while say that the waves get a bit steeper at lower flows.  Chris N. has requested some pictures, and I’ll try to oblige, but since he probably doesn’t want pics of my cabin and the boat on the car, it’ll be a few days ‘til I can get pictures of people paddling.  Other teams are just arriving, so it’ll be a little easier to get photos this week. 

I’m looking forward to three hard days of training, followed by a step taper in the five days before worlds so that I’m well rested and ready to race on June 8th.

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