“Mother Nature she is stronger than us.” -Maurizio Tagnocci

“It’s like TV!  Look- A juice box!” -Jennie Goldberg

Flooded rivers make for hours of amusement.  We sit on our porch and watch things float down the river.  Logs are most common, but occasionally we see something more exciting, like a juice box.  Mostly, we’d like the water to go down so that we can race.

The current plan is to wait another day, as the river seems to be dropping.  The organizers have suggested that we do the team classic, team sprint, and master’s world championship all in one day.  For most of the US team, that might be an OK schedule, but it would make for a full day for a few (like Mike Harris, our lone master in C-1, who would also race both team races). 

There’s a meeting this afternoon to discuss our options, and perhaps for team leaders to vote on possible alternatives to the main course if the water does not drop enough.  And, as I write, the sky has opened up again, and we have more rain.  Whatever happens, it looks like there will be a lot of racing in one day, and it could be a fun test of endurance and water reading ability.

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