Training Log

I will upload my training log weekly from here ’til Sort.  Make comments.  Make fun of me.  And bother me if I don’t do a workout.  Please.  I need all the motivation I can get.

Date: 1/5 Tuesday

MP: 48

Sleep 7.5+

Weight: 166.5

Attitude: 7

Date: 1/4 Monday

MP: 51

Sleep: 9

Weight: 167

Attitude: 8


#1 6:00 a.m. 5 min warm up.  60 minutes continuous pace with 15 sec sprints every 10 min.  9.68 km total, average about 9.6-9.7 kph, except in sprints, where speed was 10.5-11.1, depending on the sprint.  Stroke rate 60-65, in sprints 70-75.  Slight wind.  Felt good with technique, and felt strong, but I think I could have worked harder.  I couldn’t see my watch, so I didn’t know speed or heart rate for most of the workout, and I let myself slow a little.

#2 3:30 pm. 60 min paddle.  Technique work.  Focus on being forward and being explosive early in the stroke.  3 min slow rate (40 spm, 9.2-9.6 kph) focusing on one thing, then 1 min going fast (65-75 spm, 10.5-11.8 kph).

#3 Weights. 40 minutes.  Chest/back/abs.  Much weaker doing this in the evening after paddling than first thing in the morning.  Grip giving out on pulling exercises before anything else, especially left side.

Push ups with 25, 35, 45 on back. (10, 8, 6 reps)

Pull ups with 25, 35, 45 around waist (10, 6, and 4 reps)

Incline press with 45, 50, 55 (10, 7,4)

Diagonal pulldown 72.5, 80, 87.5 (10, 7, 5)

Bent arm Pullover 35, 40, 45 (9, 6, 4)

Kneeling row 75, 80, 85 (10, 7, 5 Grip especially bad).

Hanging leg raises, touch toes to bar above head: 3 sets of 10

Date: 1/3 Sunday


Date: 1/2 Saturday

Middle Fork of the Snolqualmie from Concrete Bridge to Confluence.  100 minute total run.  10 min warm up.  40 minutes (through all the class III-IV): rest the pools, sprint into the rapid, and classic pace out the bottom.  40 minutes technique, with low stroke rate (50ish), working on staying forward and keeping paddle vertical.  10 min cool down.

Date: 1/1 Friday

Workout: 2 Runs Skykomish River from Boulder Drop to Big Eddy.  Each took about 40 minutes.  1st run concentrated on feeling “the smooth.”  2nd run, rested the pools, classic pace in rapids, sprint coming out into the next pool.

Date: 12/16

MHR: 52

Sleep: 8.5

Weight 168

Attitude: 7


#1 Snohomish River (Flat/Tidal/some current).  Put in at Snohomish Boat Ramp (Cady Park).  Paddled upstream for 45 min, 5.89 K.  Then downstream for 6.07 K, in 30:22.  HR 140 average going up, 151 average going back down.  Peak at 163 when I reached the boat ramp again.  SR about 50-55 upstream, 70 downstream.

Date: 12/15

MHR: 52

Sleep: 8.5

Weight 166

Attitude 6

Workout: 10:30 am.  On Pilchuck river. 20 min warm up.  4X sprint on a specific section.  2:34, 2:33, 2:32, 2:30.  about 10-12 min paddle back up.  90 min total on water.  SR around 75-80 for first couple (classic pace), then around 80 for 3rd piece and over 80 for last one.  HR 120 ish during off periods, 160-168 in sprints.  Felt better as workout went on.  My endurance feels like it’s coming back.

Date: 12/14

MHR: 53

Sleep: 10+

Weight: 166

Attitude: 8

Workout: Time Trial, 4K. 10:30 a.m.  Temp: 35 degrees F, light wind, ice covered about 1/3rd of Lake Tye (north end).

Splits for every 250m, plus time at each kilometer:

1st 1K: 124.51, 1:22.25, 1:22.61, 1:28.87 = 5:39

2nd 1K: 1:27.77, 1:28.39, 1:28.56, 1:26.90 = 5:52 (11:31)

3rd 1K: 1:25.25, 1:26.57, 1:33.91, 1:29.86 = 5:55 (17:26)

4th 1K: 1:27.56, 1:28.72, 1:25.48, 1:25.28 = 5:47 (23:13)

HR: peaked at 161, averaged between 155-160.  Stroke rate around 80 at beginning, but quickly fell off to 70ish.  I need to get that up for longer durations.

Total time: 55 min.

Workout #2 missed, because I realized at 1:00 pm that my final paper for school was due at 5:00 p.m., and I hadn’t started…

Date: 12/7

MHR: 53

Sleep: 7.5

Weight 167.5

Attitude: 8


#1 6:00 am 15 min on rowing machine, about 3250 meters.  I was slow today.

#2 6:20 am 50 min weights chest and back, moving up.  Incline press up to 8 reps at 50, cable cross over 6 reps at 38, kneeling row 8 reps at 80.

#3 2:30 pm 70 min paddle.  5 min warm up, 9:45 steady, 0:15 sprint X 6.  SR about 55-60 in steady peices, 75 or so in sprints.  Needs to be higher.  9.62 km in 60 min.  Better pace than last week, but sprints not so good.

Date: 12/6

MHR: 52

Sleep: 8

Weight: 165.5

Attitude: 8

Workouts:  Off again today: church, school, and a party tonight.

Date: 12/5

MHR: 53

Sleep: 9

Weight: 163

Attitude: 8

Workouts: Brain workouts today- school papers.

Date: 12/4

MHR: 56.

Sleep: 7.5

Weight: 162.5?  Dehydrated?

Attitude: 7


#1 7:00 a.m. 15 min rowing machine, 3750 meters + 10 min arm bike level 10 75 rpm.

#2 7:30 a.m. 40 min weights-legs.  Adductors and Abductors with cables, Forward, Reverse, Diagonal and Curtsy Lunges.  Back Extensions.

#3 2:00 p.m.  65 min paddle.  Technique.  10 min warm up, then (4′ on, 1′ off) X 10, then cool down.  When I do this workout, I spend 3 minutes at a very low stroke rate (40-45) and concentrate on doing one thing, then do the last minute at higher speed.  Usually, I choose 2-3 things to focus on per workout.  Today it was keeping my top arm extended, engaging my abs early in the stroke to hold myself forward and keep the boat surging forward, and getting the paddle out of the water early.  Worked pretty well, except that getting the paddle out of the water is really the result of doing a lot of other things well, so I need to work on those first.  Average speed during 3′: about 9.5 kph, average speed during 1′: 10.5-11.0.

Date: 12/3

MHR: 50

Sleep: 7.5 solid

Weight: 166.5

Attitude: 7


5:30 am: 15 min on scifit arm bike level 10, RPM 80

5:50 am: Weights, shoulders.  Decent lifting day.  55 min.  Balance drills on stability ball after: kneeling to standing, etc.

Date: 12/2

MHR: 56

Sleep: 7.5

Weight: 166.0

Attitude: 6


No am workout today.  Maybe paddle in the afternoon, but I may have to work.

Date: 12/1

MHR: 53

Sleep: 6.5  Again, I had trouble falling asleep.

Weight: 166.5

Attitude: 7


#1 6:30 am 5K run, 26:32.  Slow, right knee hurting.  Need new shoes.

#2 7:00 am Weights: Arms and Abs

Biceps: Dumbbell Curls w/ 30-35-40, Preacher d-bell curls w/ 25-30-35, Rope curls 25-35-40

Triceps: Rope extensions w/ 30-35-40, kickbacks 25-30-35, cable 1 arm extensions 25-30-35

Abs: Hanging leg raises (toes touch bar overhead), Crunches on ball w/ weight 70-80-85, scorpion on ball.

Date: 11/30

MHR: 52

Sleep: 6.5, hard time falling asleep.  Maybe too hot?

Weight: 167.5

Attitude: 7


#1 6:00 am. 5K run in 21:52 (with a short break at 20:00)

#2 6:30 am.  45 minutes weights, chest and back.

Chest: Incline press with 34-45 #, Cable Cross over 25-35#, Bent Arm pulloves w/ 35-45#, and flat chest press w/ 60-65#

Back: Diagonal pulldown w/ 65-75#, Jockey row w/ 75-90#, Kneeling Row w/ 65-75#, and Seated Row to neck w/ 100-115#.

#3.  2:30 pm.  Paddle for the first time since Tasmania.  I could feel it- my endurance wasn’t there.  I would keep the boat speed up well for a minute or so, and then my technique would fall apart and I would slow down.  It got worse as the workout went on…Here’s the workout:

5 min warm up, 60 min as follows: 9:45 steady state, 0:15 sprint, repeat.  Avg HR 144, 9.55km total, stroke rate around 60 in steady state, a little higher when I was tired, stroke rate in sprint 76-88 (19-22 strokes in 15 sec).  Average speed in sprints about 10.6 kph, max speed 11.1 kph.  That’s not a high max for me.  Maybe some of it is the weight workout in the morning.  4+ laps of Lake Tye in 14:16, 14:32, 14: 48, and 14:08.  A good workout long paddle can average 13:00 per lap, when I’m going really well, and I can usual run negative splits in each lap.

Date: 11/29
MHR: 52

Sleep: 9.5

Weight: 165.5

Attitude: 6

Workouts: Off today.  More paper writing.  Tomorrow, the hours at work are reduced, freeing up more time for training.  2 workouts in the plan.

Date: 11/28

MHR: ?

Sleep: 8-

Weight: ?

Attitude: 7

Workouts: Off today.  I have 3 papers due for school this week.  Monday I will be back in the boat, for the first time since Tasmania.

Date: 11/27

MHR: 56!

Sleep: 8.5

Weight: 168, and I thought I used admirable restraint yesterday…

Attitude: 7


#1 5K run.  Hit the wrong button on the treadmill, don’t have a time.  26ish min again.

#2 Weights: shoulders, 40 minutes.

I do most of my weight lifting workouts in the following format:  8 exercises, 3 sets per exercise, 12, 10, and 8 reps per set increasing the weight for each set.  I try to pus to failure in each set, which works if I choose the right weights.  I do exercises for opposing muscle groups in supersets.

For shoulders, I do a lot with cables:  3 types of external rotation and 2 types of internal rotation, and a lateral pulldown.  Today I also did a lateral raise.  I tried to find pictures, but failed.

Date: 11/26



Weight: 165

Attitude: 8

Workouts: 90 minutes teaching Thanksgiving Boot Camp class at the YMCA.  Legs, mostly.

Date: 11/25

MHR: 52.  Still high, but dropping.  Maybe I need to sleep more.

Sleep: 7.5

Weight: 165.0

Attitude: 8


#1 20 minutes rowing machine, 5000+ meters, HR at end was 166.

#2 Weights: Arms/Abs.  Curls w/ 35s, Kickbacks w/ 30s.  Abs will be sore.  45 min.

Date: 11/24
MHR: 52

Sleep: 6.5+

Weight: 164.5

Attitude: 7

Workouts: Off today

Date: 11/23

MHR: 58. I have a cold.

Sleep: 8.5

Weight: 165

Attitude: 6


#1 10 min rowing warm up, 2500m.  45 minutes weights, chest and back.  I feel weak- I am not at peak strength.

#2 5K run, 26ish minutes.  On treadmill.  Slow to start, but steadily increasing pace so that at end I was running decently.









4 Comments on “Training Log”

  1. Chris N Says:

    Some mention of the timing of the sessions (early morning, late evening etc) might also be good to see if a session in the evening is affecting something the next morning…

  2. Ben Maynard Says:

    Go Tom!!

    I’m reading your training log!!


  3. IRish C1 Says:

    Hi Statesider, back in boat here after a break and some flu-Your TT strategy got me alternative is do 2k tt’s as they represent physiologically the same system as 4k-that’s what the French do, and they do it lots, with varying pace…also in Summer close to races they don’t do it-they du shorter tt’s 500m or 2k with varying paces-now thats prob. more a simulation of racing-and for split 1 always push-u can even in winter kick off faster for a 4k…use it or lose it (power at beginning does’t impact providing us stretch out after 30secs.) but best wishes with the strategy as the Polish olympic slalom coach said to me once-lots of World Class Paddlers with lots of Different programmes-And each of them they believe its the best program. So paddle well either way.t

    • wierc1 Says:

      I’ve been doing a 4K time trial once every three weeks. I do a 2.3K peice every week, but it’s not a maximal exertion. It’s 2.3 K because that’s one lap around the lake I train on. Maybe I should incorporate a few more 2K peices at different intensities.

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